Are you looking to Join the buzz of OnLion Life?

Are you spending a lot of money on advertising but are not seeing any return for your investment?

With a website you will be able to see a return for your investment straight away. A website will increase your client base and brand awareness.

Have you also noticed that a lot of your competitors already have a web presence? If so then a Web Page is a must for you.

We at BeeOnLion look to the future and insure that your company is represented on the internet in an clear and concise manner, efficient SEO and Social Networking are just some of the ways we use in order to promote your business online.

With over 15 years working in the Irish Market BeeOnLion has a wide range of experience ranging from Web Design, IT Management, Graphic Presentation, project specific photography services to 3D Modelling.

BeeOnLion also works with the R&D of IT software & hardware. We handle all IT functions in order to provide a cost efficient method of helping you join the buzz of online life.

Our Services

IT Consulting

With over 15 years experience in IT Management, Web Development, Graphic Presentation, Document Management and Project Management we are continually on the lookout for new technologies that can assist business’s construct an IT environment that suits your economic & project needs.

We can provide an on site Technical Support service tailored specifically to meet your requirements and budget from large events to presentations and workshops.

Do you need some technical support?


Web Design

Do you have existing website that needs to be updated to a Modern Responsive site or are you just starting off in the online world? If so we can help.

Our knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL along with our strong working knowledge of two of the internet’s most popular CMS platforms Drupal and WordPress allow us help you get the right solution for your website.

Do you need to improve your organic page ranking and overall site performance our SEO support can help. We provide a webmaster service for several websites that receive over 180k+ visits and 400k+ pageviews per year.

Do you have an upcoming event and would like to generate a ‘buzz’ on Twitter we can create a custom interactive Twitter walls to generate brand awareness and user engagement at the event.

Contact us to find out more

Social Media Co-ordination

Do you use Social Media to Promote your Business? Have you ever carried out a Performance Report on your content to see what platform is resulting in the best leads?

We have Grown Social Media channels through some simple training and tracking most notably 823% increase in Twitter followers and 155% increase of Facebook Likes along with over 800 views a month to YouTube.

You can see our growth charts here


Google Analytics

Now that you have a website you should make sure to install Google Analytics.

The Google Marketing Suite comprises of Google Analytics, Adwords, My Business, Tag Manager, Advanced Search Notifications and Remarketing.

This Suite will allow you create reports which will help you managing your advertising funds for Google Adwords more effectively and delivering more accurate tracking for ROI. Google Analytics allows you create advanced Dashboards to help measure KPI for sections of your  website and improve overall site performance.

Need a hand getting started?

SSL Installation

Your customer is the most important asset to your business so why take chances with the information they provide you with when using your website? As part of a more secure internet having a secure website using SSL is now a must. According to Google currently 25% of all website traffic is carried out using HTTPS and this percentage is only set to grow.
Google has clearly stated that security is a top priority for them and they will give your site minor ranking boost if your site is secure too.
If you would like to switch your site over to SSL why not get in touch to discuss your options

Email Marketing & Newsletters

Email is still king when it comes to digital marketing and getting your business message in front of the eyes of those who truly care about your product.

BeeOnLion offers 2 clear solutions for your email marketing needs. Option one direct email marketing from user generated lists you provide. Option two getting your website to do the work and send emails about your latest posts to those who have signed up to your newsletter directly.
If you would like to know more about this service feel free to get in touch.

Cloud Migration

Do you want to move to the “Cloud” but don’t really know how to? We can help you

Having access to your data when and where you need it is critical in this era of information connectivity. Keep all your work in one secure place and access on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Learn more about Google Cloud Services and how we can help by Contacting us Today


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation has fast become a professional industry. The need to have a website and an online presence is a priority for any company but just having a website does not mean your company will be found online, this is where SEO comes into play.
When you engage us in SEO updates for your website it is critical that you can measure your Return on Investment and this is why we conduct a SEO audit before during and after the SEO journey begins with us.
If you would like to find out more about what we offer please feel free to get in touch

Website Maintenance

As your websites grows and your content needs to be updated, some of our clients would prefer to get in touch with us to make changes instead of editing the website themselves. BeeOnLion can provide updates and enhancements to your website as and when you need them or on a regular basis. This allows the you to keep a high online presence of your website and business once the design and development has been completed.

BeeOn offer a number of options which are there to keep you and your website up-to-date and on brand message. If you require daily, weekly, monthly or yearly changes to your website and its content we can cater for your needs.
Contact us today to find out more

Staff Training

Now that you have a new website and a new approach to Social media you will need to train your staff on the best methods to help you grow your online presence.

We offer one to one & group training sessions for all your business needs. Are you starting your own Business let us give you a helping hand. We can create custom training material to help you and your staff up-skill. These manuals and Best Practice Guidelines vary on topics from Software usage to Social Media usage in the business environment.

Would you like to learn some more?

How we help you get online

In order to help you grow your online presence you will need to have an idea of what you would like your new website to look like.
The best way to do this is ask yourself the 3 Questions.

How many pages would you like?

Question 1

As you know your business better than us you will have a better idea of the number of pages you need.

To start thing off you should try and have the following pages

– Home

– About

– Contact Us

but what other pages do you think you need? Once you have an idea of what pages would work for you make sure to let us know.

Pick them out and send them on.

What text would you like to have on each page?

Question 2

It is important to have some text on each page of your site this helps your visitor to find out more about what you do.

The easiest way to get this text to us is to open a Microsoft Word Document, type up your text and then save it. You should have a Word Document for each page eg Home.doc or About.doc.

Don’t have access to Microsoft Word? You can always send us an email with the text.

What images would you like to have on each page?

Question 3

The old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” still rings true.

What pictures do you have that really tell a story about your business or product?

Would one picture for each page be enough or would a slideshow of images work better for you?

Pick them out and send them on.

Then contact us today so we can help you build your new website and promote your business

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